In 1999 we, the current owners, who had been developing our professional activities in legal firms and leading corporations, assumed the challenge of providing efficient and effective solutions to meet the requirements of business organizations.

Thus, Martínez Grijalba & Nosti Legal Bureau was set up on the basis of the interdisciplinary work of professionals specialized in different aspects of the corporate-economic scenario.

Faced with the challenge of offering our clients some added value in each and every creative legal solution we furnish, we decided to practice law in the light of an original approach that would minimize difficulties with a view to helping clients develop successful business.

By establishing bonds of real commitment, we go to great lengths to provide a type of service that goes beyond mere legal counsel.

Nowadays, we are proud of having built up solid and long-lasting relations with our clients, who know that it is our motto to work with professionalism, sincerity, honesty and pragmatism, always side by side with them trying to find the most effective and profitable solutions to their business problems.