The following companies have relied on our services:

Akredita S.A.(investment company)
Alicia Fuhr (female underwear)
Cámara Argentina del G.N.C
Concept (franchising consultancy)
Conevial S.A. (building company)
Consultora Murillo
(textile industry)
Cool Cuts (Hair Studio)
Corporate Indigo (textile industry)
Dr. Eduardo Levy Mayo (economist)
Estancia Serguel S.A. (agricultural and _livestock investments)
Exhibit (Industrial design)
Farmacia Daneri (pharmacy)
Farmacias p + p (pharmacy network and _laboratory)
Farmasun S.A. (pharmaceutical _wholesaler)
Flia. Banzer
Flia. Popritkin (salt industry)
Gaspetro S.A. (CNG)
GL Diseño (textile design)
GNC Galileo S.A. (CNG)

Gustavo Silberman (plastic-making _industry)
Hector David Gerbilsky.
I.C.U Home (home intensive care _services)
Impulso Gas S.R.L (CNG)
Luis Yomal
Lura Comunicación Creativa (Graphic _design)
Maquetas Rápidas (industrial design and _construction of stands)
Mensu S.A (poultry farm)
MFM (hospital supplies)
Micro Lending S.A. (consumer credit management firm)
Pucarul S.A. (finance company)
Red Pharma (pharmaceutical wholesaler)
SMG ((CNG compressor and pump _making company)
Sunset International (imports / exports)
Tomasetto Lovato S.A (CNG)